Our cost effective solutions offer our customers to worry less about supply chain and focus more on business growth. We provide quick access to goods with exclusive delivery and secure distribution around the globe.

Dry container

These are the containers that are mostly used around the world. The average length of a dry container consists of 10,20, 40 feet. They are not designed for temperature control.They are ideal for dry goods.

Temp. control chilled / frozen

Controlled temperature is the most significant part for perishable products.As it the critical part of goods linked between its production to transportation. There are alot of industries that require controlled temperature storage including pharmaceuticals,foods, drinks and chemicals.

We make sure to store every item in its suitable temperature, with care and keen supervision.

Container stuffing and destuffing:

EWF group offers container stuffing and destuffing services. Our fully equipped warehouses have a facility to store all goods on site while waiting for transportations.Container stuffing and de-stuffing is a very critical point as it can damage goods if not handled properly.

Logistics and distribution

Our warehouses, including logistics and distribution are expertly managed and designed to keep you products flowing through the supply chain.Highly customisable, quick in time and cost effective services are delivered to our customers.