We facilitate small and medium sized businesses.We not only  combine your business globally but also offer small logistics services.Making end to end delivering services to our customers.

Door to door world wide:

We offer door to door services to our customers to save their time and energy. We pickup your cargo and deliver it to its desired destination on time.

Flat rack container:

These rack containers are  mostly applicable for heavy loads and cargo that are loaded from either through top or through sides.Mostly pipes and machinery are loaded through flat rack containers.These racks are available in 20’ or 40’ sizes and are made with steel.

Dry container:

These containers are made of aluminum and steel, sizes from 20 to 40 foot.90% of world’s goods are shipped through dry containers.

Reefer container:

In all perishable logistics, timing and planning is all you need. If you have perfect manufacturing but try hard to deliver your products fresh and on time in the market. That’s where our strategic planning comes.We offer complete services from transportation to storing and then delivering to market.

Platform container:

These containers are different from regular ones as they don’t have front ,side or rooftop.They are suitable for odd sized freight which are unable to fit in regular containers.These are built with high height limits and floor.

Its high limit helps it to adjust heavy and big cargo efficiently.