We send your  possession by air freight is a lot more convenient and speedy either it  includes import or export.It not only saves time but  it is way more secure. We deal in every category you are looking for:

  • Perishable (fresh and frozen):Air shipment is considered best for perishable goods that include fresh and frozen items like strawberries,oysters and anchovies. Which required fast delivery in a controlled temperature.
  • Personal Cargo:Either you want to send personal or small parcels to your loved ones.EWF group serves you the best.
  • Commercial cargo:This includes every transport of vessels in the bulk category.
  • Over dimension cargo:ODC is a cargo that is extended outside the transportation cargo. If the loaded truck length is 20-22 feets then it will be considered over dimension cargo.
  • Heavy lift: Either you want to ship heavy machinery or vehicles weighing from more than 1000 tons than our extensive supervision at loading, shipping and discharging points manage the complete process. We offer facilities like cranes,drifting assistance and deliver trailers from port to port. We monitor every project with supervision,safety and ensure secure handling.